The Thrifty Businessman’s Mini Guide to Brochure and Leaflet Printing

b5618c1f05584ad4abe196604afc0858Regardless of the size of your business, anything you do has to be cost-effective and that is why some business owners feel they have to compromise on their marketing efforts to stay within budget.

There is actually no reason why you can’t find a cost-effective way to create a brochure for example, which is attractive and persuasive but doesn’t cost you as much to produce as you first envisaged.

Here is a look at how you can produce the marketing material you want but at a cost that represents great value for money.

Compact but not cramped

If you are wanting to produce your own brochure and print it out using your own resources, the temptation is always to try and fit as much content and images as possible onto each page, in order to save money on printing costs.

Regardless of whether you manage to secure a good deal on your printing supplies from someone like in order to keep the cost of your brochure down, you need to resist the temptation to pack as much into each page as possible, as this rarely results in an attractive brochure because it just looks cramped.

A brochure that is cramped and cluttered will often be perceived as unprofessional so aim to produce clear and concise copywriting and aim to only include information and images that are entirely relevant, so that you end up with a brochure that is compact but definitely not cramped.

Choice of paper

Your choice of paper can make quite a substantial difference but there are different scenarios where you can keep costs under control by varying your selections according to the target market you are aiming at.

A prestigious project demands high quality paper but if you are producing a brochure for something more informal, you could choose a grade of paper that is thinner and cheaper without it having a detrimental impact.

Matching the paper to the project is a great way of keeping costs under control without it costing you any loss of face or impact.

Affordable printing

One of the best ways of ensuring you regularly achieve affordable printing solutions for your brochures and leaflets, is to make sure you choose a printer that is designed for job you intend to use it for.

Look for models which are within your price range but have the required capabilities to print your material efficiently and at the lowest cost per page possible, meaning you should invest in a printer that offers bulk printing if that is what you intend to do.

Advertising message

Another way to keep costs under control is to ensure that you take the time to work out exactly what you want your leaflets and brochures to say and how to present the information in order to achieve your goal.

Deciding whether you require a small flyer with a relatively simple advertising message or a brochure with more detailed information, will help you to print more efficiently and not waste any resources or money by producing something you subsequently decide doesn’t work for you.

Being thrifty doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the power of the impact you can achieve with your marketing material.

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