The Art of Giving Last Minute Gifts for the Absent Minded

santa-claus-2918_1920It seems as though there are never enough hours in the day to get through everything that needs to get done but when it comes to forgetting a loved one’s birthday or a quick note of appreciation to a valued employee, there really is no excuse. Yes, you can claim to suffer from ADHD or that you are perennially blonde with a full head of black hair, but when it comes down to it, the main thing is to learn the art of giving last minute gifts for the absent minded in all of us.

A Small But Welcome Token of Appreciation

You will often hear it said that it is not the gift that counts but the thoughts behind it. Even the smallest token of appreciation is welcome when you have an employee that has given his or her all to the company, often times on their own time and at their own expense. A quick thank you email or card is nice but if you are totally out of ideas for a small gift to present along with the note, why not choose something that can be delivered quickly, often by the very next day? Shop online and click next day delivery. This will enable you to shop while at your desk, be assured that the token gift will arrive quickly and all without venturing out of the office.

Edible Gifts Can Be Shared – Or Not!

When searching for a last minute gift, perhaps you considered a box of chocolates or a plant from your local florist. How unimaginative that is! Have you considered fresh baked cookies that are even better than their home baked counterparts? If you are having a small party of recognition for that valued employee, what a wonderful way to say thank you for years of service. Edible thank you gifts and birthday cookies delivered from Gimmee Jimmy’s can be shared with the group, with the recipient’s family, or not, as the mood strikes them! What better treat is there than cookies that are baked fresh daily and delivered the very next day or two? Edible gifts are a novelty and one that will surely be treasured.

Did You Miss an Important Birthday?

There is nothing quite as embarrassing as missing a birthday of a loved one or friend you should have known was coming up. A belated gift is always a great way to make amends but the trick is to find a way to ‘hide’ your absentmindedness. Perhaps it would make both you and the recipient a bit more comfortable to have the gift delivered rather than walking up sheepishly with gift in hand. Let the other assume it didn’t arrive in time if that’s what would make you feel better, but don’t let more time go by without a belated gift of some sort. Cookies, candy, flowers, knick-knacks or any little thing will suffice, but having it delivered saves you both that moment of discomfort. In this way you won’t be forced to admit you had lost track of this very special day that only comes once a year and is his or her own day shared by no one.

There is an art to giving belated or last minute gifts but with a bit of thought you can carry it off gracefully without undue embarrassment on either side. The point is, don’t let that day go unnoticed, even if a day or two late. Your friend, loved one or employee will understand that it isn’t always a matter of forgetting them. Sometimes time just slips away from us and that’s just part of life in the fast lane.

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