Rimowa Luggage: Why You Should Invest in These Luxury Suitcases

cd2d883aa28345418dcd70decd9657e5When it comes to buying luggage, there is no substitution for luxury suitcases that will literally last a lifetime and beyond. From its iconic grooved design to Rimowa’s insistence on using only the highest quality materials, there probably isn’t a brand on earth that can compete with this German company’s line of luxury luggage.  Here explains why your investment in Rimowa luggage is a wise choice on your part.

Long History of Quality Products & Customer Satisfaction

In 1898 Paul Morszeck opened his first suitcase factory in Cologne. The beginnings saw a high quality of care put into each and every piece of luggage and to this day, much of the production of Rimowa luggage is still done by hand. With such great care given to each and every piece, customers became loyal to the brand that set the standards for so many koffermanufakturs (suitcase manufacturers) to follow. Three generations down the road, Rimowa is still going strong as industry innovators and is still in the capable hands of the family with Dieter Morszeck at the helm, Paul’s grandson.

Still Largely Hand Crafted

As mentioned above, Rimowa luggage is, for the most part, still made by hand with careful attention being given to each detail, no matter how small. When you see that a product is hand crafted you can be assured that a human is taking great pains to inspect each detail as the item is being produced. This is something machines simply can’t duplicate and one of the reasons why Rimowa continues to be an industry leader.

Lightweight Yet Extremely Durable

In the beginning, Rimowa was an innovator by designing luggage manufactured from duralumin just like the F-13 all metal passenger plane that was the founder’s inspiration. At the time, most luggage was extremely large because travellers literally carried almost everything they owned! With the advent of using duralumin, even larger pieces could be lightweight enough to handle. In the year 2000 Rimowa introduced another material to the luggage industry, polycarbonate which was proclaimed by today’s president and CEO, Dieter Morszeck, to be the place where technology meets handmade. In other words, without sacrificing the brand’s pride in offering a handmade product, they could now use a space-age material that would provide a durable suitcase but with the same iconic method of making each piece by hand.

Cutting Edge of Fashion

Although there are a number of styles and models designed after the classic grooved style luggage (modelled after the F-13), each and every design still comes in at the cutting edge of fashion. Whether you buy the classic Topas grooved Rimowa luggage or one of the subsequent styles like the currently popular Salsa, you can always be assured that Rimowa Luggage will be on the cutting edge of fashion.

So why should you invest in these luxury suitcases? The answer to that is really quite simple. Rimowa luggage is still hand crafted, durable, and at the cutting edge of style. There isn’t another brand that meets all three of those criterion and once you own a piece of Rimowa, you’ll know why.

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