Inspirational Office Lighting Ideas for Small Business

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bb1Outfitting an office can be an intimidating cost for small businesses, and can quickly overwhelm overhead budgets, but when done right can be a major tool for growth. However, some business owners don’t realize that having a pleasant office space can help increase both employee productivity and client satisfaction, and it doesn’t have to be done at a great expense.

Office lighting is key to setting a positive environment for employees, and is both fast and inexpensive when done right. Working with a company that designs custom lighting in Denver can be a unique way to create lighting for a space, and may be the best option to make sure your space is fully optimized.

  1. Task Lighting

This is an ideal way to light the office because it allows for a lighting to be best-suited to the activities in the area. For example, employees may benefit from brighter lighting when handling activities like paperwork, but may need a lower light when spending long hours in front of a computer screen. Task lighting makes sure that each area is optimized to the task at hand, and that employees can adjust lighting according to their needs.

  1. Soften the light

While it may be practical for an office space to use overhead lighting, it has been shown over and over again that rows of fluorescents will make your space look bad and your employees feel worse. For lighting hanging from the ceiling over workspaces, pendants can create a pleasant aesthetic and softer lighting. These suspended light fixtures, when correctly arranged, can help your office space feel warm and comfortable.

  1. Dimmers

Allowing for might sources to be adjusted based on time of day and employee need can be immensely helpful to employees. Plus, this will help save money by cutting down on unnecessary use. For employees that put in long days at the office, the flexibility to change the lighting strength and the ability to change the environment’s atmosphere can be a huge boost to productivity.

  1. Use Shades

Using light shades over hanging lights can be a great way to soften lighting. However, sometimes these can limit light to certain areas, so be sure they are evenly laid out to provide ambient lighting, rather than meant to specifically light certain areas of activity.

  1. Sconces

Using empty wall space to support wall sconces can improve lighting and the aesthetic look of a room. These can vary from modern to traditional, and can particularly be useful in lighting waiting and reception areas, since clients and visitors won’t require the same lighting as employees will.

  1. Natural light

This is often the preferred method of lighting any space, but is sometimes difficult in office spaces with limited windows. One thing to do is make sure that coverings – if needed – help to diffuse direct lighting without limiting exposure. For spaces with only one or two windows, consider placing open workspaces in this area and less-used rooms like conference rooms or closed offices in areas without windows.

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