How to Get An Internship Abroad

e80a3e5c55ee4b07927c5330075fb294A lot of students spend hours in the classroom then graduate with little or no experience at all. When you complete an internship abroad, you don’t only gain experience but the confidence you need to pursue your dream job. An international internship stands out on  a resume, gives you that edge in the competitive job market and gives you a global perspective. This type of internship can also introduce you to to the different styles of working, give you more flexibility and ease with diversity with the people you work with. Another plus is when you go interning in a non-English speaking country, it gives you the opportunity to learn a foreign language which is another skill valued by employers.

So how can you be eligible for an internship abroad?

International interns who have been successful has a strong desire to learn about their chosen field and immerse themselves in a different culture and environment. Companies look for applicants that are hard-working, adaptable, flexible, responsible and can work both independently and as part of a team.

If you’d like to be in a country wherein English is not their native language it’s perfectly fine. It may seem scary to work in a non-English speaking country but there’s no need to worry as foreign language proficiency is not a requirement to be able to participate in an internship program abroad — even in a non- English speaking country, there are many English language internships available.

Figure out what type of internship you’re looking for. You should choose an industry that is closely related to your field of study. Your internship will give you the experience you need in order to find a full time job later on after you graduate.

You can apply straight to a program that offers internships abroad. Some programs offer internships with a study abroad program or they offer courses combined with work experience. Check out the programs of universities for internship programs that offer international internship with regular classes for academic credits.

Search online listings for placements. There are a lot of websites that offer internship opportunities with companies, governments and organizations. Be careful and do your research careful when you look online and make sure that the company is reputable and have good background references. If you wish to do so, ask advice from your professors or the internship placement at school to do background checks.

Find an international internship yourself. This is possibly the best way but it involves a lot of work. However when you get this accomplished, it’s an amazing feeling. Be ready to get tons of rejections though. The number one trait you should have here is perseverance. It’s possible that out of 50 companies you will email, only 10% would get back to you wherein they might say they cannot accommodate you, but keep in mind that there will always be that one company that might be willing to.

Internship is an important aspect since you are provided with the opportunity to gain experience and learn how it goes on in a work environment. To have a successful internship abroad, check out 3 Vital Tips for an Internship Abroad to start preparing.

Use this opportunity to explore so that you will be ready for the corporate world when you graduate and start building your career.

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