How Roleplaying can Add Spice to Your Relationship

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Roleplaying is’t just sexy – it increases your confidence in the bedroom. We love our partners but after a while, we start having fantasies of being a naughty nurse, a hunky firefighter, a hot doctor or a cute maid. Sometimes we just want more excitement in between the sheets – and roleplaying can do just that.

All you need for roleplaying is a little imagination and a sense of humor to play make-believe in the bedroom.

Roleplaying is beneficial to your relationship as it can build a greater connection between the two of you. Lovers who talk about their sexual desires, fantasies and feelings have stronger relationships. Why is this? It’s because they’re with someone they can trust and who can validate them. It can also keep things exciting and refreshes stale relationships. We do get into sexual ruts, life gets too busy and sometimes it can just be the same old routine that can get boring. When there is something new in the bedroom, the anticipation that builds up will push you to make time.

So, what if you’re a newbie and you have no idea what you’re doing or what you’re supposed to do? Here are a few tips to let go of your inhibitions and just enjoy and go with the flow:

  • Figure out your fantasy. One trick is to pretend to go to the hotel bar and pretend to be strangers picking each other up for the first time – but make sure that one of you reserves a room ahead of time. If you want to go all primal, you can pick out the ultimate cave room suite to bring out that wild side in your partner.
  • Share it. All good roleplaying starts when you share your fantasy with your partner. Bring up your fantasy as a compliment so that your partner won’t take it the wrong way and you’d have to describe what it is about that particular scenario that turns you on and will keep you going. You can describe these without feeling foolish when you’re in bed and talk about fantasies and turn-ons.
  • Establishing limits. Before losing yourself in your character, be sure to let your partner know what you’re comfortable in doing and when it gets too far, especially if you’re experimenting with a punishment scenario. Always remember that communication is the key. Let your partner know your limits and you can also establish a safe word that will bring the action to a stop once you get uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to have fun! The aim here is to feel turned on and roleplay is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. You are both committed to each other and spicing things up a bit can be quite exciting.

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