How Hygienic is Your Work Desk

Maintain Good CreditIf you work in an office, you would spend a lot of time at your desk, but you probably don’t think about how hygienic it might be. You might be surprised to learn that the average work desk can be up to four hundred times dirtier than a normal toilet seat. Looks can be deceiving, so even if your desk looks clean and hygienic, it may be hiding little secrets from you. Read on for some ways to check the hygiene level of your desk and to keep it clean.

Wash your hands

Your hands can transfer bacteria and viruses from other areas in the office, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, or even from your home. Up to eighty percent of viruses and infections are transmitted by touch, so washing your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and warm water will help to reduce the risk of such transfers. Is this something you do? If yes, well done! Your desk is looking that little bit safer. If not, you may want to start doing this or alternatively, consider keeping a bottle of hand sanitiser handy on your desk or in an easily accessible place in the office.

Clean Equipment

Desk equipment can range from computer monitors to keyboards, phones and pen and paper. Electronic equipment can harbour thousands of bacteria at a time, and surveys have found that twenty percent of people have never cleaned their mouse! Viruses and bacteria have been shown to survive on solid surfaces for up to twenty-four hours, so be vigilant in cleaning the equipment on your desk, especially if they are shared between colleagues. Wipe down your electronics with a soft cloth every day, and sanitise and disinfect them at least once a month. If you are concerned about the hygiene of your office in general, you may want to look into some commercial cleaning. Specialists such as AMC Commercial Cleaning will be able to help you decide the best fit for your office.


Nearly two thirds of all office workers eat their lunch or snack at their desks, and a significant portion of these people do not clean their desks before they commence their meals. Are you one of these people? No one can always eat without leaving crumbs or pieces of food behind, and these can attract bacteria and serve as their primary breeding ground. If this is a guilty habit for you, your desk may not be the height of hygiene. The most obvious solution would be to eat in the kitchen or the allocated office dining area. If you must eat or snack at your desk, make sure you clean your desk thoroughly before you start work again.

Consider amending some of your normal practices at your work desk in order to make it a more hygienic space for both yourself and your colleagues. Sanitiser and disinfectant are the most common ways to clean your desk, but you may find that other solutions would work better for your situation. Good luck and keep up your hygiene!

How hygienic do you think your work desk is? Are you especially diligent in keeping your workspace clean or are you a little bit careless? How do you keep your desk clean? Leave your advice and suggestions in the section down below.

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