Welcome to Blonde & Balanced!

GEmDzilQI’m TK and I’m glad you stopped by.  This blog is all about a fake blonde (me) trying to find a real balance between spending, saving and everything else in life that costs money.  I’m 30-ish years old (YAY for #millennials) and I’ve spent the most part of my life trying to find the perfect balance between financial stability, personal happiness and living debt free.  I feel others are trying to find the same equilibrium (aren’t you?) so I decided to share my stories – both success and failures – right here.

The silver lining in this story is that I’m a Certified Financial Planner.  For over 10 years I’ve been helping others learn how to invest, set a budget and pay off their debt, but I wasn’t smart enough to take my own advice.

Between paying off student loans and keeping up with the Joneses in my 20s I landed myself over $50k in debt.  Now that I look back on the not-so-good old days it was really all for nothing.  I should have known better, I did know better, I just didn’t listen.

Join me as I write all about learning from my mistakes because if I can help even one person avoid the stress, tears and financial hardships that I went through I’ll be happy.

If you have questions, tips or stories to share please contact me anytime, I love hearing from you!


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