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5 Ideas for a Child Friendly Garden

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wheelbarrow-1232408_640Many family homes have gardens attached to them. Usually these are for showing off your prize Azaleas or well manicured lawn. Having children, however, will usually mean that the lawn becomes a football pitch and your beautiful Hollyhocks become Frisbee fodder. Until such time as your brood flies the coop, you might want to think about doing some of the following.

Include a Play Park

Children of all ages love swings (even the larger ones when no one is looking!), so a well built play set can be a blessing to keep the kids entertained. There are many options you can choose from, including a swing, slide, or combination of both, as well as climbing frames, etc. You can also choose between metal tubular sets, or solid wooden framed ones, which are sturdier and can last for many years. It is probably wise, if you have the room, to have an area set aside where you can have rubber safety flooring or bark chippings surrounding the equipment in case your children fall off.

Create Hidden Areas

Children love to play and have adventures, and hide & seek is one of them. Having hidden areas in your garden, either by planting or by using trellis, enables your children to use their imagination. Although you might just want to remember to look there first when you call for their bath time!

Build a Play House

Nearly all children love playing in a Wendy house, or even a tree house if space (and a tree) permits. A play house enables them to have their own little space, with everything just the right size for them instead of having to use ‘grown up’ furniture. There are many options here as well. For example, a wigwam is an ideal play house that can be dismantled and put away if you don’t want something permanent. On the other extreme, you can buy Yurts, in which you can even fit a central stove for heating!

Use Artificial Grass

Boys love football, and your nicely striped, manicured lawn will soon show you how much. If you know your garden will be wrecked, it could be worth changing your lawn for an artificial one. Being low maintenance, hard wearing, and having the advantage of having no mud to drag into the house, an artificial grass lawn from Grono is the ideal solution. With a lifespan of around 20 years, an artificial lawn will certainly be up to the job. You can always replace it for a normal lawn when the time comes, or carry on enjoying not having to mow it every couple of weeks.

Think Safe

Safety first should be a consideration before all others when it comes to having a child friendly garden.  If you have a garden pond, for example, it would be advisable to put a suitable fence around it, as a child can drown in only a few inches of water. Also any dangerous plants will need to be fenced off or removed.  Foxgloves may look pretty, but they are poisonous.

A child friendly garden needn’t just be for children, just one or two of these ideas will make it special for everyone, even the big kids.

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